Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Etched PCB for monotron - remote knobs

Here's some pic's of chemical etching in progress. I wanted to keep original knobs from a second monotron - to build a dual VCO monotron using two monotrons - so had to make remote board for surface mount knobs.

Etching off the copper

After a few minutes agitating the board

Was taking longer than expected, apparently chemical reacted with tin coating on paint tray...
Thats why it was getting warm!

New tray - ceramic baby

Almost done - and no skin burned off.

Only the etch-resist remains.

Nice. Rough, but it works.

All of this was also a test run for the squarewave/PWM mod, similar to the Gakken mod, except that the monotron one I found requires a PCB. I've been drilling holes (with a hand drill) and rubbing on etch-resist dots for a while now:

Lots of dots..................

Will put up links and such as project progresses. Next I have to paste on the lines.
So far I've stripped all knobs and jacks off of the second monotron and today I ripped apart the power supply, as I want to feed everything from first unit (if it works???).

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