Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Monotron Modifications Continue...

Prototype board manufactured!
Design for board from here:
Now, since I drilled, pressed on the etch resist and finally etched out the circuit board using some chemicals, an updated design was posted. I'm still going ahead with the old design.
Square wave, PWM, noise gate, clean audio out board

Etching off the copper...


Transparent view - all holes drilled.
  Components to follow... I still need to get some board mount knobs that match the monotron knobs (suggestions welcome) - I already stripped a monotron (to use as second VCO) and used three of the knobs on remote board (see earlier post), but don't want to buy a 3rd monotron just for knobs - plus they're not that easy to remove (when your green like me!).
The extra knob-mount point (to right side of board in last pic) is intended for "glide" control in conjunction with the midi mod on monotron++. I'm not doing the midi upgrade, so instead I'm going to mount a keyboard tracking depth knob (as I did with the Gakken) since its a bit more versatile than just a keyboard tracking switch at a fixed resistance; will probably put switch too.


  1. Is this board or it's self-etch pcb design still available? Went to the site you mentioned and can't find anything.

  2. my monotron sucks . too much noise .. i hate it . how can i do this ? like yours ?