Thursday, January 6, 2011

Monotron - Remote Knobs for VCO&LFO2 and Stripped Monotron

Here's the remote board to hold the knobs. The middle was going to be the clear LFO rate knob, but I broke it in the process of trying to recreate LED and attaching it with super glue. Well actually it was when I filed the underside to get rid of excess glue and messed up the central pivot (axis pole), and now the wiper jogs off the resistive tracks inside! So I'll have to do a surface mount LED for LFO2 rate.

Remote knob board
 I sat the knobs higher to give space for switches.

Here's the stripped monotron:
Stripped out power supply, jacks, vol. wheel, and knobs
Tried to photograph all the circuitry to create a map - to match up Korg's schematic, but camera is a bit crap:

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