Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Gakken Mods: Basic-Basic Demo

This track is proper pants!
The demo is ultra basic to show the mods on the Gakken.
This shows the LFO ramp and saw-down waveforms applied to the pitch, filter, and pulse width modulation (PWM). There's also a demonstration of the high pass filter (not so good), the keyboard tracking knob (depth), and some resonance. Near the end I have a bit of fun with resonance and I switch the decay envelope on - its off for most of the track.
This demo only has some basic drums and the modified Gakken.
I added the points of change as comments on the player, but here's a list anyway:
0m00s: Sawtooth (original wave)
0m14s: Square wave (modification)
0m28s: Saw
0m42s: Square
0m52s: bring in triangle LFO
1m10s: Saw up LFO or Ramp (Modification)
1m17s: back to Triangle LFO
1m24s: Saw down LFO (Modification)
1m31s: Triangle LFO
1m38s: Saw down LFO, increase rate
1m55s: slow down rate
2m02s: sweep in LFO to Filter depth (Modification)
2m13s: increase rate
2m27s: increase PWM
2m42s: modulate PWM from LFO
3m02s: "tune-in" modulation via rate
3m16s: change some notes for some detuning effects
4m00s: high pass filter sweep (modification)
4m12s: switch off HPF
4m29s: deepen keyboard tracking depth (Modification)
4m54s: ...bored now...
5m08s: Some resonance fun
5m36s: Switch decay envelope back on (Modification off)

Gakken Demo: SquareWave LFOs PWM HPF KybdTrk by MickeyBoyeeee

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  1. sounds amazing. just got my gakken today and already looking forward to start my mods. what should i start with?