Friday, December 3, 2010

Modified Korg Monotron

Here's my modified Korg Monotron:

As you can see, I removed the speaker and made an enclosure from an old minidisk adapter (kept the Sony logo) with the 'stop' button from a minidisk remote, and super-glued it all together. I probably won't do it this way again, since its pretty tight in that box for the 3 jacks, the keyboard tracking switch and the trim pot (which you can see in the front). All the required resistors are "floating" inside. I did use some heat shrink to wrap 'em up. These mods are exactly as shown here:

This is well worth the work to get some CV and Gate in there.


  1. cool! :)
    I have seen the din sync video, do you have any video of yours?

  2. @noiseandroid
    Sorry, no vids yet - no video camera!
    The dyn sync video was the original inspiration for hacking the monotron - and his video on the Gakken Modifications (Here, but you probably already know about it:, got me hooked on synth modding/building in general. His other demos (mostly for Roland x0x gear and modulars) are very informative, and cool.