Thursday, September 22, 2011

6V Gakken-based Filter Sounds

This is a demo of the Gakken-based 6V filter I made last year. Had this in my multi-tracker since then, but CD drive broke on it, so could not export any audio until now.
This is a B-line with squelchy fills in between. The original sounds were made on the Korg EMX-1, and each was fed individually through the filter at different settings.

It really is an easy build, and even though its not great to tweak, it does work nice via CV modulation (?), and it doubles as a lo-fi distortion box.
I have also fed drum loops thruogh it, and with some gating they sound pretty sick.

This is a copyright free demo, so if you like the sounds feel free to sample the crap out of 'em! Just stick a link in a comment so I can hear what you did with it.

HOMEMADE no drums by MickeyBoyeeee

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