Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Monotron-Squared: Preliminary Demo

Here's the first demo of monotron-squared, which is very close to being complete and tempting to keep playing in its current (not-quite-finished) state!
Note that the square wave-shape circuit is engaged, and the only pots I use hear are cutoff, resonance, LFO rate, LFO depth, PWM, keyboard tracking depth, and the pitch range (1Meg-ohm) that drives the second VCO from the first (see previous posts).
Also, the 1Meg pot is not grounded (case wise), so I only touch it for some buzzy interference effect...
More to come.


  1. That is fucking bad ass. I'm probably going to have to get in to modding and general electronics because I always want to ask to buy stuff like this when I see it.

  2. To Anonymous:
    Still working out a few kinks, as linking 2 units is not as easy as I first thought! Sounds much juicier with both VCOs though, ey?!?
    I am going to try and add an envelope to the cutoff input - by copying the design of the Gakkens' envelope, using a 555 timer.
    The Gakken was alot easier to mod 'physically' since all the solder points were a bit bigger, whereas the monotron is way more compact and has a tighter layout (even though both the Gakken and the Monotron are all surface mount devices, the Gakken is a cheaply produced unit).
    anyway, I love the Gakken, its rough and dirty sounding, but the monotron sounds a bit more stable and clean, and a the filter is really nice.
    Both are noisy, but cheap and fun to mod.
    Check here for the Gakken mods I did:
    and get modding.
    also, if you don't know, check out this guy's blog - its where I started with the basic mods for both the monotron AND the Gakken (his vids on both are great):
    Cheers, Mick